a mental health revolution is coming


FUNDAMENTAL is a continuous crowdfunding initiative for scientific research on psychedelic-assisted treatments for mental illnesses. Our first campaign aims to fund specific studies on End of Life Anxiety, Alcoholism, Depression and PTSD, led respectively by Dr. Stephen Ross, Dr. Michael Bogenshutz, Dr. Roland Griffiths and Dr. Rick Doblin. 




Millions of people are suffering from various kinds of mental illnesses. One fifth of Americans are currently suffering from a mental issue, leading to over US$400 billion in lost earnings and health care costs each year. Two thirds of those diagnosed will never seek treatment.

Until now, mental illness has been managed through traditional methods of treatment, which in many cases come with a raft of problems: treatments are expensive, bear unpleasant side effects, vary in their consistency, offer no specific completion date, and only treat the symptoms of these illnesses as opposed to the root cause.





New studies offer promising relief for a variety of mood-altering illnesses, through an unlikely source. A group of scientists at prestigious research institutions such as NYU, Johns Hopkins, MAPS and the Imperial College of London are conducting studies with psilocybin and other psychedelic compounds to treat issues such as cancer-related depression and anxiety, alcohol and drug addiction. So far the results are very promising, creating an opportunity for these ground-breaking treatments to be medicalized.


Currently the research depends on the support of a few private donors and institutions, with little-to-no help from governments or pharmaceutical companies. Yet a steady stream of funding is essential to continue this research. For the first time, thanks to technology, the friends and family of those afflicted by mental illness have the opportunity to contribute to a solution, by crowdfunding scientific research.




Sponsored by Rodrigo Nino, a leading crowdfunding expert in commercial real estate, FUNDAMENTAL is focused on backing government-approved studies in the United States and around the world.


A community of individuals united in their connection to the goal of the campaign will naturally form. Assuming an average donation of $100, over 10,000 people can now participate in a fundamental conversation around mental health.


Each tax-deductible donation will be deposited in a Donor Advised Fund, to ensure transparency and security for the crowd. Once the crowdfunding campaign is closed, the DAF will grant the funds to the afore-mentioned institutions with the exclusive purpose of supporting the research.


The Fundamental Question

Now that you know this is important, are you ready to participate?